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Serica 1870 Decarbonization Plan 2024-2026

At Serica 1870, we believe in sustainability as a daily commitment to ethical business growth that respects its local context.

Serica 1870 sustainability reports

To make our contribution to the goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of 2015, we are committed to progressively reducing our carbon footprint.

The Fabulous ‘70s

Sometimes, eras come back. Perhaps because we hoped they would?

Filled with ideals and dreams, in a cloud of psychedelic colors, the legendary ‘70s seem to be gaining ground on the trend horizon.

When rules are abandoned – in thought as well as fashion – anything is possible. Colors and fabrics become fluid as freedom from restraint lends lightness of movement and glance.

And, if reverie invites you to dance, standing still is not an option. Fabrics that seem to have been airbrushed emerge, as if made of air. Light in color and fiber, they lure to the dance floor even those who have never dared to swirl and sway.

Among the five Leading Mills

At the annual ZDHC convention, Serica 1870’s Tintoria P. A. Jacchetti will be honored as one of the 5 Italian companies that best implemented the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), that includes the list of chemical substances banned from international use in facilities that process textiles, garments and footwear parts.

Tintoria P. A. Jacchetti is the only one to have demonstrated a 100% level of compliance with the in-house Chemical Inventory in the dyeing and finishing of fibers, procedures that also contribute to considerable savings of water and energy in these processes.

Serica 1870 Develops and Partners in the L’Oro di Zavattarello Literary Award

For Serica 1870, that has partnered with Tintoria Jacchetti, the economic, social and environmental sectors are no longer separate, because sustainability is the backbone of an economy that looks to the future.  Enrico Baldazzi, President of Serica 1870 and of the Oltrepò Montano Beekeepers’ Association, sponsored the L’Oro di Zavattarello Literary Award designed to foster the relationship between bees, the environment and culture with a view to creating job opportunities. Because, for a business, leaving the world a better place than you found it, means both being concerned with profits but, above all, caring about jobs for future generations.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 – 6:30 pm
Libreria RIZZOLI, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan
“L’Oro di Zavattarello, I Racconti 2018” [Collected Stories 2018]

A fabric that resembles the person wearing it

How do you choose a fabric?
Sometimes, you just know; other times, it’s not that easy. When you choose a fabric, aside from considering the shape it will have on your body, the endorphins must kick in before the analytical brain begins its litany of appraisals: “will keep you warm/cool; drapes well/binds; wrinkles easily/holds a crease; is on-trend/clichéd”.

A fabric and, by extension, a garment, walks into the world ahead of us, an ambassador that forges its way through the crowd without any need to elbow or shout.