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The Fabulous ‘70s

The Fabulous ‘70s

Sometimes, eras come back. Perhaps because we hoped they would?

Filled with ideals and dreams, in a cloud of psychedelic colors, the legendary ‘70s seem to be gaining ground on the trend horizon.

When rules are abandoned – in thought as well as fashion – anything is possible. Colors and fabrics become fluid as freedom from restraint lends lightness of movement and glance.

And, if reverie invites you to dance, standing still is not an option. Fabrics that seem to have been airbrushed emerge, as if made of air. Light in color and fiber, they lure to the dance floor even those who have never dared to swirl and sway.

Fashion is never absolute but, when fabrics speak but don’t tell all, even the trends are disorienting, because they don’t let you grasp the complete picture. This is how camouflage fabrics convey the impression of non-discovery, of hiding, if necessary, and not being required to show up and shine. A state that seems pretty laid back, if compared to the quest for ostentation at all costs.

Paradoxically, one discovers that seemingly splashy shimmering, sparkling fabrics actually make us appear more elusive, like iridescent butterflies.

Perhaps the ‘70s never really left us, because dreaming, and bringing dreams to life, is a fundamental part of putting on our clothes…