Serica 1870

Our 2023/2026 decarbonisation plan

«The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it»
Robert Swan

Our commitment to sustainability takes the form of targeted actions because we know that common well-being comes from perseverance and mutual attention. Consistent with this path, we work to offer the market high quality textiles, produced in Italy in a responsible way, striving to make social, environmental and ethical goals coexist.


Target -50%
Reduce the impact of logistics activities and reduce emissions related to materials and transportation.


0-emission plant
Strengthen self-generation of renewable energy from photovoltaics and hydropower to become a 0-emission plant.


Target 80%
Increase the purchase of organic yarns and with certifications to guarantee the product.


Promote the culture of sustainability inside and outside the company with targeted actions and training of the internal team.


Become a Benefit Society and subsequently achieve certification B-Corp