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Serica 1870: Excellence through Innovation

At Tintoria Jacchetti, Serica 1870 is equipped with a volumetric dosing system, forerunner of an entirely innovative generation of industrial dyeing machines that make it possible to apply new working methods in the lab.

Serica 1870 purchases an early 1800s loom for making authentic silk brocade

Only a very few of these looms are still in existence:
- at least one is in China, considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity
- at least one is in Florence at the Fondazione Lisio
- at least one is at Tessitura Bevilacqua in Venice
- one was acquired by Serica 1870 for its headquarters in Follina.


Sustainability: SERICA 1870 isn’t satisfied with enough

At SERICA 1870 it’s not enough to have initiated and instituted an integrated approach to Environmental, Health, Workplace Safety and Energy Management at its Tintoria Jacchetti Como finishing site.