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Sustainability: SERICA 1870 isn’t satisfied with enough

Sustainability: SERICA 1870 isn’t satisfied with enough

At SERICA 1870 it’s not enough to have initiated and instituted an integrated approach to Environmental, Health, Workplace Safety and Energy Management at its Tintoria Jacchetti Como finishing site.

Its corporate social responsibility program systematically audits results achieved against its established objectives.

Thanks to the development of a software program designed to send daily maintenance updates – 600 in one year – all of the company’s employees are involved. During weekly meetings, the data and reports are compiled and then compared with laboratory findings. Since all members of the staff feel engaged and motivated, they do their part and their contributions are essential to solving any problems.

Innovative measures like these also led SERICA 1870 to establish a check-up on all its suppliers that, in addition to providing their technical safety sheet, must also provide proof of their compliance with REACH regulations.

SERICA 1870 is aware that to be able to produce sustainable economic development, the company’s business objectives must necessarily interface with and measure themselves against the needs for safeguarding consumer and worker safety and with environmental stewardship.
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