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Serica 1870: Excellence through Innovation

Serica 1870: Excellence through Innovation

At Tintoria Jacchetti, Serica 1870 is equipped with a volumetric dosing system, forerunner of an entirely innovative generation of industrial dyeing machines that make it possible to apply new working methods in the lab.

Unlike with the gravimetric system, the amount of liquid in the volumetric dosing pipette is dispensed in a single stroke and never drop-by-drop. This eliminates any variations that might be caused by the random size of the drops themselves.
The system does not require a scale – an instrument that inherently requires regular calibration – making the 100% volumetric dosing system calibration-free and, as a result, even more reliable and repeatable over time.

Every machine function is managed through dedicated PC/PLC control software, and this, along with the unique features of the dosing system, makes it possible to achieve the finest results in terms of accuracy, repeatability and speed.