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Serica 1870 Decarbonization Plan 2024-2026

Serica 1870 Decarbonization Plan 2024-2026

At Serica 1870, we believe in sustainability as a daily commitment to ethical business growth that respects its local context.

As a company, we embrace sustainability as an integral part of our operational strategy. We want to distinguish ourselves by a commitment to reducing our environmental impact through the adoption of eco-friendly practices, resource optimization and the adoption of sustainable technologies. In parallel, we are also committed toward empowering local communities by supporting social initiatives, promoting diversity and inclusion, and ensuring decent working conditions throughout the value chain.

In addition, a company committed to sustainability tends to be more resilient and adaptable to market challenges as it develops stronger relationships with its stakeholders, building trust and reputation. This approach also fosters innovation, pushing companies to seek creative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of the present and future.

Improving energy efficiency

Our target for 2030 is to achieve 0-emission manufacturing by strengthening self-generation of renewable energy from photovoltaics and hydropower.
Serica 1870 has a 212-kwatt photovoltaic system capable of guaranteeing 1/4 of the energy needs, while an additional 100-kwatt photovoltaic system is installed at the Jacchetti site in Como to guarantee 1/5 of the plant's needs. The purchase of the remaining electricity is 100% from renewable sources, thus zeroing the CO2 load and improving the environmental impact. Serica 1870 is an innovative and socially responsible company that has been able to implement best management practices and quickly achieve the important targets it has set for itself;


At the Follina site, the reactivation of the old hydroelectric plant (active until the 1980s), which uses water resources from a diversion channel of the Soligo River and allows the use of renewable energy for in-house processing, is being studied;