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A fabric that resembles the person wearing it

A fabric that resembles the person wearing it

How do you choose a fabric?
Sometimes, you just know; other times, it’s not that easy. When you choose a fabric, aside from considering the shape it will have on your body, the endorphins must kick in before the analytical brain begins its litany of appraisals: “will keep you warm/cool; drapes well/binds; wrinkles easily/holds a crease; is on-trend/clichéd”.

A fabric and, by extension, a garment, walks into the world ahead of us, an ambassador that forges its way through the crowd without any need to elbow or shout.

Its charisma demands recognition and, at the same time, its empathy invites a listening ear.
Finding the right balance of these ingredients is rare but, when it does happen, words fail and a Mona Lisa smile appears on the face of the observer.

Trying to navigate and choose from the sea of options can make your head spin. Let your intuition be your guide. See and touch a needle-felted fabric, pierced from the back with barbed needles that seem to pull the warp threads; a soft, tone-on-tone design, worn and marked here and there by the hustle and bustle of daily life: as are we.
This seems to reflect the latest trends seen in Paris…