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Among the five Leading Mills

Among the five Leading Mills

At the annual ZDHC convention, Serica 1870’s Tintoria P. A. Jacchetti will be honored as one of the 5 Italian companies that best implemented the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), that includes the list of chemical substances banned from international use in facilities that process textiles, garments and footwear parts.

Tintoria P. A. Jacchetti is the only one to have demonstrated a 100% level of compliance with the in-house Chemical Inventory in the dyeing and finishing of fibers, procedures that also contribute to considerable savings of water and energy in these processes.

The ZDHC Foundation establishes acceptable limits of concentration for the substances in the chemical formulations used at production plants and supervises the implementation of sustainable chemistry. The ZDHC Foundation – whose aim is to achieve “zero discharge of hazardous chemicals” by 2020 – is constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge innovators in the use of safer chemical management through best practices in the textile, leather and footwear industries for the protection of consumers, workers and the environment.