At Serica 1870, the centuries-old art of silk processing and sustainable innovation meet


We want to present a model of sustainable development, which represents a path to a future in which human prosperity is harmonized with respect for the environment. It is a commitment to balance current needs with those of future generations.

The most advanced technology at the service of a constantly controlled production cycle:

Lean Production

The company constantly invests in advanced technologies and directly controls the entire production process.

Quality our guiding principle

The cornerstone of our business is the pursuit of quality.

Latest generation equipment

Two Benningers and a Karl Mayer 128 for samples.

prodotti serica 1870

We make high quality silk and mixed silk fabrics with the benefit of centuries of experience in the industry.
We control the entire production process to turn the basic yarn into fine fabrics.

Leading fashion houses rely on our expert guidance and services
to turn their ideas into finished products through a process marked by excellence at every stage




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